About us

The hostel bekpek kiel was founded in 2004 by Petra Heinen and Jürgen Bauer. After an exciting 5 years, Jürgen decided to retire from the hostel in 2009, so that the bekpek is now managed by Petra alone with a dedicated team of employees.

Petra Heinen has experienced the joys, worries and needs of being on the road in many journeys through half the world and has incorporated many of these experiences into the hostel.

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And it works!

Chronicle of a business start-up

Something had to happen, that much was clear. Jürgen and I sat in the Traumfabrik and held ourselves harmless to a beer. A beer for us two, mind you. We both looked back on 2 years of unemployment and the chances of finding a job in our learned professions dwindled with each month more ...


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